Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hollywood hijinks

As announced in GSN's sort of upfront, Hollywood Game Night begins its run on the network April 17.

GSN is certainly going big on the show. It gets the plum 9:00 PM prime time hour on weekdays and twelve hours per week in all. Cash Cab has already expanded to fifteen hours per week, so network execs must figure that their recent acquisitions are worth a lot of time.

Basically (or not so basically) GSN has to find another show to lessen the network's dependence on Steve Harvey's Family Feud. While Feud continues to get good numbers - if Douglas Pucci's occasional reports are any indication - the ratings have softened a little. Which you would expect after all those hours on the little game show network.

Cash Cab seems to be doing well, but I'm not so sure about Hollywood Game Night. It's a fun show but it wore out its welcome on NBC pretty quick. (Though the peacock net - Variety speak! - will burn off some remaining eps this summer.) The Hollywood gamers focused so obsessively on pop culture that I almost yearned for one of those obscure Jeopardy categories. We'll take nineteenth century European fiction for $400, Jane.

Still, the show should at least help freshen GSN's aged demos. In one other (rather odd) switch, GSN's reboot of Minute To Win It with Apolo Ohno will return to the schedule on April 10. Ohno was a tepid substitute for Guy Fieri, but his version wasn't a terrible remake.


  1. Casey, what do you think of this Alec Baldwin controversy? I noticed people are calling him a pedophile.

  2. Just looks like a silly spat between silly show biz people. Who cares?

  3. Casey, love your blog -- but you're off base with your comments about HGN. You're clearly not a fan which is absolutely fine, but the show premiered in 2013 and is still on the air 5 years later! That hardly counts as wearing out it's welcome "pretty quick". And I guess technically you could refer to every show as "burning off remaining episodes" but that is usually used in reference to a show that has been cancelled. HGN has not been cancelled. The show's 5th season premieres this summer. It's a proper season, not a dumping of episodes. Additionally, Jane Lynch has won two Emmys for hosting HGN, the writers have won three WGA awards in addition to other awards as well. The show is also in production in nearly 20 countries around the world with local versions. And in case you're wondering, yes, I work on the show -- that's how I know my facts are correct. As I said -- as a game show lover -- I really like your blog but I felt I needed to speak up in defense of my show whenI didn't feel that it was being fairly represented. Thanks for your time.