Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Highlarity on the game show Interwebs

The game show Interwebs are always good for some laughs, especially the unintentional ones.

An older-is-better poster on Game Show Paradise yelped that GSN had just acquired Toddlers and Tiaras. I confess I had never even heard of the show, which ran on TLC (not my fave network). Wikipedia tells me it was a reality show about child beauty pageants. Obviously, those pageants are ultra-controversial after JonBenet.

The thread was soon ringing with denunciations of GSN for this crime against humanity. A sane poster finally stepped in and pointed out that GSN was just running a promo for its new Emogenius game show, which included a question about the old show on TLC. There's no evidence anywhere that GSN is actually acquiring Toddlers and Tiaras itself.

Of course, GSN's real crime in the view of Game Show Paradise and similar boards is that it runs game shows with less than three decades of dust on them. That's why the boards are so willing to believe any nonsense about the network. In fact, GSN hasn't run any kind of reality show for quite a while now. The network even emphasized a return to traditional gamers in its upfront. Recent acquisitions like Cash Cab show the trend.

But don't confuse the older-is-better crowd with facts. The GSP thread got even more highlarious when an admin briefly locked it because of  "the bulls--t." (She spelled out the word but I've got stricter rules.)

Except the b.s. wasn't the idiotic rumor about GSN. The supposed bovine excrement was my polite - honest! - reply to a couple slams on me about other subjects in the thread. (She deleted my entire reply, by the way.) Note to that admin: check other posters for the real b.s. on your board.

UPDATE: I sent the admin a private note that I wouldn't bother her with any more posts on Game Show Paradise.

UNRELATED UPDATE ABOUT ANOTHER GAME SHOW OUTLET: Buzzr is now running a couple hours of infomercials each day. Expect the ads to expand. Fremantle wants to make some money off the oldies diginet.


  1. Quick correction on your Redd Foxx fake tweet: the actor was Wesley Eure, not Will Marshall. The older-is-better crowd will recognize Eure from Password Plus and Match Game, circa 1980, as a celebrity panelist (he was doing "Days of Our Lives" at that point.)

  2. You're right. I used the character name, not the actor's real name. I'll make the correction.

  3. Wesley Eure hosted the Nickelodeon version of Finders' Keepers circa 1987-88

  4. GSN just showed a commercial for their emoji themed game show Emogenius which debuts in June. The sample emoji question they showed referred to a TV show, namely, Toddlers and Tiaras