Monday, April 3, 2017

GSN chat

Lazy today so I'll just repost some stuff from Game Show Paradise. The board is developing a severe case of older-is-better. Maybe they caught the disease from Game Show Forum...

Other poster: You're joking. GSN really stuck Cash Cab in the late evening spot? 

Uh no, I'm not joking. GSN gave Cash Cab another run at 11:00 PM in addition to its current run at 6:00 PM. Ben and friends now get nine hours a week. I asked Douglas Pucci for some numbers on the show, and it's been doing pretty well. So it's not a big surprise that the network gave the show four more hours.

By the way, Discovery is bringing Cash Cab back for new eps. Apparently without Ben Bailey, though, which has him somewhat upset.

Another poster: Lol yeah the gameplay on GSN's Pyramid was cringe-worthy. Rounds of 3-4 points, which were (literally) laughably rare on the Clark versions, were a good number of 2s or worse. You'd be pining for even just 5 in a round.

You're overstating the case, but this was a feature for me, not a bug. Perfect rounds got to be so routine on the old Clark versions. GSN toughened up the clues - partly to save pennies, of course, because perfect rounds increased the winners circle prize money - and that made perfection something of an event again, instead of a boring custom.

Yet another poster: As I said before, I bet it's pretty common for viewership to be pretty solid during the first quarter of any year - given the abundance of blizzards and cold spells that shut down workplaces and schools, forcing people to stay home and watch GSN to pass the time away.

Nobody's "forced" to watch GSN instead of the zillion other cable channels. GSN ranked 37th and 33rd in the prime time and total day windows for the quarter among all cable nets. Certainly respectable by the network's historical standards. Don't hold your breath until Buzzr gets that kind of audience. Buzzr can't even get into most U.S. households.

UPDATE: Starting April 8-9, Cash Cab is getting a lot of runs on the weekends (twelve, to be exact). The show must be performing well for GSN. Now we'll hear a lot of complaints about too much Ben, to go along with all the complaints about too much Steve. Cash Cab is up to fifteen hours a week on the new GSN schedule.


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  2. I agree to an extent about constant perfect rounds getting tiresome, but GSN's version took it to the opposite extreme, and I think it had at least as much to do with the contestants' and celebrities' abilities as with the difficulty of the material. Strahan's version has found a happy medium, allowing for less predictable results without making you want to yell at the screen.

    1. Everybody rags on Turturro, and no doubt he was bad. But most of the GSN celebs were just fine at the game. The clues were harder, that's all (partly for economic reasons, to protect the prize budget).

      Anyway, the older version is almost always better, according to the game show Interwebs. So the dumping on GSN's version is no surprise in the GSP thread.

  3. I had absolutely no problem with GSN Pyramid. With the exception of the Turturro week, I thought the games played very on part, actually, with the classic days, I didn't pick up on there being "tougher" clues at all. Scores were mostly on par with the classic era during the first 80s year.

    Here's the hook. I have always felt that Pyramid is the kind of show that needs a 2-season investment. Especially when it hasn't been on TV for 9 years. Almost everyone who played the game was brand new to it, and despite whatever practice they give the celebs, playing under the lights is the only way they find out if they're any good. And a decent amount of them were either already excellent or showed enough promise that a second season return would have made them instant elites.

    Bottom line: We gave up on GSN Pyramid too quickly.