Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Good book

Just sprung $0.99 for an episode of National Bible Bee Game Show.

I'm cheap so I passed on the $24.99 for the full season. Anyway, the easiest way to describe the show is American Bible Challenge on steroids. Four hopelessly likeable teenagers compete in the toughest Bible quizzer you'll ever see. They even have to recite long passages from the Bible on demand, which is a lot more than I could do. About all I could manage is "Thou shalt not steal."

I don't mind the show. It's always nice to see contestants who know their stuff and can strut their stuff, on any subject matter. There are a few quibbles. The music is annoyingly repetitive and overdramatic, the proselytizing is heavy (but nobody makes you watch the show), and the pace tends to be leaden. Kirk Cameron hosts competently, and the semi-celeb panel that quizzes the kids is okay.

Of course, the show has attracted a bit of controversy, given the topic. One particularly ugly racial swipe: "It's like the Spelling Bee, but with fewer brown people." Some critics - I confess to the offense myself - are just going to be nasty now and then.


  1. Why did you pay $1 for it? It appears to be streaming for free on facebook for the next week.

  2. Where do you buy/stream the episodes at?

  3. To be honest, I forget where I rented the ep. I googled "National Bible Bee game Show" and found the site. Another commenter says it's free on Facebook, though, if you can find it.

  4. The article that you linked to in your blog post shares a link to the production company's facebook page, where the show is streaming for free, but I wouldn't recommend that drivel either. I just feel sorry that you had to give them money.

  5. It was just ninety-nine cents. And the show was okay.