Saturday, April 29, 2017

Future shock

Several future shows in our little genre have gotten faux tweets lately. Time to sum up the coming attractions in a blog entry.

First, Mike Myers will host ABC's Gong Show reboot, due June 22. Only Myers will be playing Tommy Maitland, beloved British comedian who's actually a fictional character. Myers' face will look stuffed, as the screenshot indicates.

Game Show Newsnet points out that John Cervenka played a fictional host on Burt Luddin's Love Buffet. Let's hope that the ABC show is better than the worst original GSN ever inflicted on a suffering world. Or maybe the very worst original was GSN's own version of the gongers, Extreme Gong. I'll let you decide.

Meanwhile, BET will try Face Value, where contestants guess things about strangers based only on their appearance. As I said in the faux tweets, this looks like Identity, the short-lived NBC show hosted (poorly) by Penn Jillette. Except BET's press release sounds like they'll add some social justice warrior-ing to the mix. At least Deon Cole will host as himself, and not as a beloved fictional Brit comedian.

Finally, GSN is promoting Emogenius with a teaser that somehow makes emojis look interesting. It's a visual puzzle game reminiscent of Idiotest, a show that has served the network well. I was mostly hopeless on the sample puzzles, though I did nail Churchill Downs.

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  1. So Mike Myers will be playing a character to host the Gong Show revival? This reminds me of when Paul Reubens played a fictional host when ABC did their version of You Don't Know Jack way back in the early 2000s. I clicked on the Face Value post and I saw this. Apparently Steve Harvey is exec producing some chat show for BET.