Monday, April 17, 2017

Football prediction

The Boston media - and the sports media in general - are having fun with a contestant's prediction on Wheel of Fortune.

The real solution to the pictured puzzle is "Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl." But the contestant said "sixth" instead. Which had people (including Pat Sajak) wondering if  he knew something about the future of the big game.

I don't follow football, so I wouldn't have had the foggiest on how many Super Bowls that team in Boston has won. I can see that the "s" had already been picked, so I might have landed on "fifth" by process of elimination.

Off topic, but while I'm on the Boston sports media, I'm very, very tired of their glorification of hometown "hero" and steroid user David Ortiz. If he gets into the Hall of Fame - as the Boston scribes ardently wish - Bonds and Clemens better get in there, too. Of course, after Ivan Rodriguez's induction this year, there's no longer any justification for the anti-steroids hysteria at the HOF.

Back to game shows: when I first glanced at the puzzle in the screenshot, I had a fleeting thought that the initial word was "idiots." Maybe I've got Idiotest on the brain.


  1. Non related, but Steve Harvey is adding yet another show to his loaded schedule. He's hosting Fox's "Showtime At The Apollo" revival next season. He's "Mr. Everywhere" now. Watch out, he may get a lead role on Young And Restless one of these days.

    1. Let's hope he don't leave Family Feud with all these shows he's doing nowadays

  2. One mistake the contestant made was that (s)he should have realized there were S's on the board elsewhere. Good rule to live by: Take your time. Don't rush things. It will pay off in the end.