Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fear again

You can't kill fear.

After NBC revived Fear Factor in 2011, MTV will try a reboot starting May 30. There's always been a pleasant argument about whether the stunt epic is a real game show, but I tend to fall on the inclusive side here. At least there's an objective standard (more or less) for winning, and the series doesn't wander off into multi-ep whine-fests between the contestants.

The linked story calls the show a "reality competition series," which seems to be the latest catchphrase for "we're not sure if this is a game show or a reality show, so we'll straddle the difference." Ludacris will host the MTV version, which sounds like it will downplay the really gross stuff. Instead of eating worms, the contestants will try stunts like couch surfing at 300 feet. This could be another Wipeout, minus the big balls.

The order is for twelve episodes. The prize money is fifty grand per ep.


  1. MTV2 does rerun Fear Factor at times, so maybe the producers figured to reboot it again this time on MTV. I think it'll do well and itll easily get the demos MTV has.

  2. But honestly, I'm a little disappointed that there are no gross stunts this time around. Those were usually the most entertaining part of the show. But I'll still give it a shot.

  3. ABC has released their summer schedule and Sundays have been definitely changed up.

    June 11th:
    8 to 9 pm: "Celebrity Family Feud"
    9 to 10 pm: "Steve Harvey's Funderdome"
    10 to 11 pm: "The $100,000 Pyramid"

    June 14th
    10 to 11 pm: "To Tell The Truth"

    June 22nd
    10 to 11 pm: "The Gong Show"

    June 29th
    9 to 10 pm: "Battle Of The Network Stars"

    Looks like most of Sunday is Steve Sunday on ABC. I guess they figured they give "Funderdome" the benefit of leading out to "Feud". I don't know how well Truth will perform on Wednesdays.

  4. My blog entry for tomorrow will discuss ABC's summer game shows.