Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easy predictions

It's another lazy weekend for your lazy game show blogger.

In the faux tweets I've pretty much covered whatever game show news there is. Hip Hop Squares gets another season and Wheel of Fortune gets another contestant goof. So I'll just reprint some more of my drivel from Game Show Paradise. I supply a lot of drivel to that board...

Other poster: I don't watch GSN much anymore.

This should be the motto of the game show Interwebs. I have to smile whenever I see it, which is pretty often. A lot more people in the real world are watching GSN now than back in the supposedly good old days. In 2007 the network averaged 256K viewers for prime time. Nowadays GSN averages more viewers in total day, even in a bad week.

Well, I always knew that the game show Interwebs don't have much to do with game show viewers (or anything else) in the real world. If the Interwebs ruled, Steve Harvey would have been out of the business a long time ago. And we'd all be watching the wall-to-wall reruns of old Match Game and Family Feud on Buzzr.

Speaking of which, I dropped by Game Show Forum for the first time in a while today. There was actually a thread about a modern-day show, ABC's remake of Match Game. Before I read the comments, I thought there would be a slam on Harvey Feud and a bash on ABC's Match Game compared to the good old days of Gene and friends.

I was right and right. Though I admit these were very easy predictions.

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