Monday, April 10, 2017

Aspiring game show contestant

There have been a few aspiring actresses who tried their luck on game shows. I remember Kirstie Alley turning up on Match Game and Password Plus several decades ago, for instance. This was long before Cheers, when Kirstie was still just an interior designer in Los Angeles.

I have no idea if Emily Rutan will follow Kirstie's path to show biz prosperity. But she is an aspiring actress and she did appear on a game show, Idiotest. As anybody in the business can and will tell you about a nascent acting career, "It's really hard, as everyone says. It's kind of like anything else. The longer you're around and the more people you meet, things come together."

Unlike Kirstie, who took home some money from her game show appearances, Emily bombed out on GSN's visual puzzle fest. At least she gave it a real try, with lots of practice online. "I was pretty stressed-out because it was so hard. It's mostly the timer that's stressful." Idiotest is hard for me when I'm just watching at home, so I can sympathize.

I checked Emily's IMDb page. Wouldn't you know, she's graced my guilty pleasure Investigation Discovery. She was one of the reenactment actors on a True Nightmares ep. Good luck on her career.

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  1. I would love to see match game 2017 on gsn