Friday, April 14, 2017

ABC bangs a gong, gets it on

A critic notes that ABC's newly announced summer schedule promises "a whole bunch of game shows." This is a true statement.

Celebrity Family Feud and 100K Pyramid debut their new seasons on Sunday, June 11. In between there's a non-game show hour of Steve Harvey's Shark Tank knockoff, Funderdome. The Pyramid reboot is so faithful to the original that it's even gotten plaudits from the game show Interwebs. Steve Harvey will never get such plaudits, of course, but the celeb version of Feud is just fine.

To Tell the Truth returns Wednesday, June 14. The random questioners and amiable host Anthony Anderson will quiz more impostors and truth-tellers. And in a strangely affecting tribute to the late Chuckie Baby, the Gong Show reboot premieres Thursday, June 22.

Yes, by my own picky standards Gong Show is just a comedy talent contest, not a real game show. But it's gotten grandfathered into the genre, so for once I won't quibble.


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    1. Somebody guessed the right price on today's episode.

  2. Not too happy with Pyramid at 10pm. I'd rather it be at 9pm or 8pm.

  3. Once again I've had to delete a spam demand from Michael Taylor for TPiR recaps or soap opera ratings or other things he knows this blog doesn't supply. I don't know why he insists on cluttering the blog with this nonsense - his "technical win" spams are other examples of inanity - but I will continue to delete his spam on sight.

  4. Will the popsicle twins return?