Monday, March 27, 2017

To tell the ratings truth

As a faux tweet noted, host Anthony Anderson of ABC's To Tell the Truth promises the show will live for a third go-round.

Anderson says the show will tape another thirteen eps in June for a summer run. Although I haven't seen any formal announcement from ABC, I believe the guy. Why would he pretend otherwise if the show's been cancelled?

I'm mildly surprised by the news. TTTT's numbers have been lukewarm at best, even by the shriveled standards of current-day broadcast. The last original eps got four million or so viewers and 18-49 ratings right around the big one-oh. But that seems good enough in today's broadcast world to get another shot in the good old summertime.

The show is an okay rewind of the classic format. I've never been a big To Tell the Truth fan myself, because the questioning often seems hit or miss. The new version's questions sound even more random as panelists interrupt each other, with Anthony also chiming in.

But enough people like the show, at least in the opinion of ABC execs. And their opinion is the one that counts.


  1. It's not a real game show! No one wins anything.

  2. I dunno. The civvies win ten minutes of (mild) fame, and the celebs win a paycheck.

  3. But the contestants won money on the other versions, no word of that on the new version.

  4. Speaking of the ABC revivals, Match Game returns this Sunday at 9/8 CST, replacing Time After Time which was axed after 5 episodes.