Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The category shows

On my usual daily glance at Google News, I saw some stories about an upcoming NBC show called The Handmade Project, hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman.

The idea is that contestants compete in making things by hand (duh). One story called it a "game show" but most articles labeled it a "reality competition." Oh yes, once again it's that wavering line between reality TV and this blog's little genre.

In a way, you could call any game show a "reality competition." On Wheel of Fortune the players are competing and the contest is real (there's a federal law to guarantee it.) But this new show from NBC definitely seems to fall outside the boundaries of game shows, at least as grumpy old moi defines them. Subjective judgments decide the winners, and there looks to be plenty of whiny personal interaction between the players.

In other words, The Handmade Project has "reality TV" written all over it. So I probably won't cover it here, again thanks to my hidebound conservatism on just what constitutes a game show. But there's always Game Show Newsnet...


  1. Non related, but Match Game is coming back earlier than expected. Sunday drama Time After Time has been canceled and MG will fill in at 9 pm beginning this Sunday night.

  2. Not a lie. The Variety story...

    Match Game will fill in for three weeks. After that, who knows?

    1. I wonder if Truth will get the 9 pm slot after MG. It didn't really end its season yet. But who knows at this point.