Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ten years

Yeah, it's been nearly a decade since Drew Carey took over The Price is Right.

Gold Derby, which seems to be a pop culture site, interviews Drew about starting on TPiR and a lot of other things. They even get into the nuts and bolts of various pricing games. But the best stuff is the natural fear that Drew experienced when he took over for the Legendary Bob. "It wasn't about being as good as Bob Barker because I knew I was going to be different no matter what. If I do this show, am I going to screw it up and get it cancelled? That's all I didn't want to do was to be the one that ruined it."

He then goes to laugh about how some people think he's ruined the show, anyway. Maybe he's been reading Golden Road. Then the interview drifts onto other things, like Drew's first appearance on Johnny Carson's show back in 1991.

As it happens, I saw that ep a while ago on Antenna TV. After Drew's standup act, Carson waved him over to the couch and told him that he was "funny as hell." It was true.

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  1. His 1st couple of years were kinda slow but he's gotten a lot better in the last couple of years I hope he can last a while