Friday, March 24, 2017

Summer with Fox

The broadcast networks continue to roll out their summer schedules. Now it's Fox's turn.

As a faux tweet noted, the network's reboot of Love Connection with Andy Cohen debuts May 25. Fox is pairing the revival of the old Woolery chestnut with Beat Shazam, where Jamie Foxx will herd contestants through battles with the music app. Beat Shazam promises a life-changing jackpot, as opposed to Love Connection, which only promises a life-changing date. By the way, Fox is also running the Miss USA pageant on May 14, and they hope for a correct reveal of the winner.

Computer apps seem to be the latest source for game show ideas, with CBS rolling out Candy Crush (hosted by Mario Lopez) not long after Beat Shazam. I can't wait for the game show version of Minesweeper. Well, actually I can wait for that...a long time, in fact.

If I had to bet - and I never bet on anything because I'm stingy - I would say Love Connection has the better chance of the Fox duo. At least it has a history of success and a bunch of fans who want to see how the revival works. Not to mention prurient interest in other people's dates.

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  1. I think a lot of older fans just can't wait to see how badly FOX manages to mess this one up, especially with Love Connection. Even if they had asked Chuck to return, I bet he'd flat out refuse, because of how the show itself has changed since the original. That, plus he (and a lot of us) are still mad at FOX for cancelling Greed despite great ratings. Remember, this is FOX. They're aiming for the 18-49 demo. And it's being hosted by Andy Cohen, who I am personally not a fan of. Without reiterating the obvious, we all know what "types" of people FOX will be having on the show, and we also know how badly FOX has done in the ratings with dating shows over the past 5+ years. Anyone remember how bad Take Me Out and The Choice were?