Thursday, March 9, 2017

Running some more

Paradise Run will gallop though a third season on Nick. Daniella Monet will host cute kid contestants as they bounce their way through various stunts on the big island.

Very quietly, Paradise Run has performed well for Nick, regularly compiling a million and a half viewers and more than respectable demos. Daniella is a little high on sugar content for me, but the show is not pitched at grumpy senior citizens. The target audience seems to like all the running around just fine.

I still wish Nick would bring back Legends of the Hidden Temple, but the Hawaii show is hardly the worst thing on television. The kids look to be enjoying themselves, and I don't mind Nick plugging their other shows with guest appearances by their roster of child stars.

No word on when the third season will debut. Wikipedia (usual caveats) tells me that the show has racked up forty eps so far, which is certainly a decent run (sorry) by cable standards nowadays. Good luck to all the scampering contestants.

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