Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ratings: Jeopardy ties Wheel

Syndie game shows bobbed up and down for the week of February 20-26. Alex had a nice week and tied the soulmate. Otherwise, there were small movements here and there. TV News Check has the household ratings...

Family Feud 7.4 - down a tick
Wheel of Fortune 6.7 - flat
Jeopardy 6.7 - up three ticks into the tie with Wheel
Millionaire 1.7 - up a tick
Celebrity Name Game 1.3 - down a tick for the final week of new eps

As a previous post noted, Divided seems to have earned a renewal on GSN. The latest new eps on March 2 peaked at 372K viewers and a 0.09 18-49 rating. Pretty typical for the run so far. Overall, GSN had a so-so week by recent standards for February 27-March 5. 394K/295K viewers prime time /total day. The network ranked 39th and 33rd in the windows.