Friday, March 17, 2017

NBC summer games

The broadcast networks are rolling out their summer schedules. A faux tweet noted the CBS premiere of Candy Crush on July 9.

Now NBC has announced the return dates for two game shows. The Wall, which got the best ratings of any of the winter broadcast game shows, comes back on June 22 for its second season. NBC brags about the show's nice Nielsen news, which is understandable. The Plinko ripoff is more entertaining than it should be. Stealing a good idea can pay off nicely.

Hollywood Game Night, which I figured was pretty much done on NBC, returns on August 7 for a fifth go-round. There's not much good Nielsen news to brag about here, but the network has to burn off the unaired eps sooner or later. NBC has already sold the reruns to GSN, as our little game show network recently announced.

1 comment:

  1. I wonder how Wall will do on Thursday nights. I don't know if HGN will do well, even with the Ninja Warrior lead out.

    Also for Candy Crush, interesting how they're putting it on Sunday nights. It'll be up against Sunday Fun And Games on ABC and possibly against $100,000 Pyramid, if they decide to keep it after Celebrity Feud.