Saturday, March 4, 2017

Multiplying Divided

A poster on Game Show Paradise noticed a casting call for what seems to be a second season of GSN's Divided.

I haven't seen anything official on a renewal, but it wouldn't amaze me. The show has topped out at 500K viewers and a 0.13 18-49 rating. Divided has kept pace with the oft-renewed Idiotest, especially in the demo.

Naturally, the news of a renewal - if that's what it is - has brought out the usual grumps on GSP. (The board isn't quite as grouchy as Game Show Forum about anything new, but they're trying.) The oddest whine is that the contestants are all "pretty people." Lord knows I shouldn't talk, but a glance at the screenshot will reveal at least one less than gorgeous contestant.

Although viewer numbers haven't been spectacular, the show skews very young by GSN's geriatric standards. Anything that can snuggle up to and sometimes go beyond the big 0.10 in 18-49 will attract the network's favor. Man does not live by AARP ads alone.

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