Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More on GSN's sort of upfront

Sometimes it helps to have friends in certain places.

A kindly person at GSN sent me the press release for the sort of upfront the network will run in April. For the most part the release only confirms what the linked story in yesterday's post discussed. But there are a few more tidbits about GSN's development slate. In addition to Blast Your Past, the network lists three other developing projects...

D.I.Why. Contestants try to follow instructions from videos. Really, that's the concept. It's a stunt show, obviously, with the usual ticking clock. Josh Ostrovsky hosts.

The Tower. You might call this the Towering Inferno of Trivia. Contestants answer questions while building a tower on a "giant video game board." At least it's not a teensy-weensy video game board.

Pointless. Yeah, the U.K. show (see screenshot). Rumors about a GSN version have floated around for a while, and it's now officially in development.

One more funny note. The e-mail with the press release commented: "I was secretly laughing to myself when I read a few weeks ago that you thought Hollywood Game Night would be a good addition for the network because I knew it was imminent. Anyway, I wanted to confirm your excellent instincts!"

Gee, it was just a guess. But thanks for the compliment.

UPDATE: Some things never change. Game Show Forum finally deigns to note GSN's sort of upfront. Typical comment: "I can't wait to see how they butcher Pointless given The Chase and Divided."

Believe it or not, even GSF rated The Chase in their top fifty list, the one (1) show from the last ten years to make the grade for the oldies board to end all oldies boards. Even Cash Cab couldn't make the list because they picked so many obscure mediocrities (or worse) with decades of dust on them. Some rigged shows actually made the list. Talk about butchering the entire genre.


  1. Non related, but my CW affilate moved Millionaire to 4 and 4:30 pm now beginning March 27th. Also, that same day, there's a 2 hour Feud block from 6 to 8 pm. Yep, my affiliate will be airing 4 straight episodes of Steve.

    I guess they took notice of Millionaire's improved ratings so they rewarded it with a better timeslot. And I guess Feud in my area does well at 7 and 7:30 pm even up against Alex and Pat and Vanna.

  2. I was able to watch Hip Hop Squares on the VH1 app earlier today. It was okay at best.

  3. Yeah, some day this week I'll watch Hip Hop Squares and review it. I did a review a long time ago of the first version on MTV2.

  4. When Amy said "fun, feel-good entertainment", I beg to differ. I wouldn't call "Divided" fun since it's more supportive on messing with people's emotions, hate, and negativity. It's still a terrible show.

    1. Game Show Garbage inducted the UK Divided a long time ago, for whatever that's worth...

    2. Really? That makes me think more highly of the show. I always thought Game Show Garbage was mostly, er, garbage.

    3. http://gameshowgarbage.com/ind175_divided.html

    4. Also on a sadder note, Jim Williams passed away last month. I was never a big GSG fan either but Jim's Dumb Answer of the Week was usually pretty amusing.