Monday, March 6, 2017

Lawyers call a bluff

Once upon a time GSN ran a show called High Stakes Poker. It was the best non-traditional show the network ever created.

The show eventually fell victim to the change in command at GSN from Rich Cronin to David Goldhill. The crackdown on online poker didn't help, either. But while it was around, HSP got the network's best ratings and demos.

Plenty of High Stakes Poker is still viewable on YouTube. But GSN's lawyers have gotten ornery about poker player Doug Polk using some of the footage. They've forced him to take down 17 HSP videos from his YouTube channel.

The gripe seems to be that Polk is using the videos to make money. The linked story chortles: "The cable channel took time away from its busy schedule of rebroadcasting repeated episodes of Family Feud to protect its brand." Man, everybody rips GSN for using Feud so much. At least we don't have to hear the same whines about Buzzr using Feud and Match Game just as much if not more. Buzzr is protected by the older-is-better viewpoint of the game show Interwebs.

The story does concede that Polk's for-profit use of the videos probably goes a little too far for legal comfort. And here I thought that High Stakes Poker was long since dead and buried. You never know what will turn up in Google News.

UPDATE: A poker blogger conjugates the f-word several ways in a slam on GSN for the legal threats. It's one guy's opinion.

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