Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jerry's story

On its never ending journey, The Price is Right's live show comes to Montgomery, AL. And quiet old Jerry Springer hosts.

Jerry's been known to talk occasionally, and in the linked interview he chats about how he got started in the live TPiR business. It was sort of an accident. He took the America's Got Talent winners on tours now and then. The company which ran that operation also ran the live TPiR show, so they asked Springer to host it. Along with Todd Newton and Mark Walberg and others, he's been doing the live show "since 2011 or 2012".

Jerry zeroes in the secret of TPiR's success, whether it's the live or studio version. "Everyone has an opinion on how much a can of soup costs. That right away draws everyone in. You can play the game the first time you watch it." True enough, but I'm terrible with prices myself. I would be the world's worst TPiR player.

The interview then ambles onto other subjects. Jerry's thrilled to be a grandpa, in case you were wondering.

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