Monday, March 13, 2017

GSN's sort of upfront

As a faux tweet noted, GSN is holding a media upfront that's not a traditional upfront. If this sounds complicated, they're gonna have "data metrics" meetings with ad agencies throughout April instead of the usual big breakfast shindig.

The metrics will tell the advertising folks that GSN's "audience is less fickle than most audiences and do a lot less channel surfing than other audiences," according to network veep John Zaccario. That's all very well, but the big news in the linked story concerns GSN's programming plans.

Kind of funny to say it, but our little game show network seems to be going back to, well, game shows. Or "shiny floor" shows, as GSN's favorite weird phrase puts it. The biggest surprise for me is a renewal for Winsanity, which definitely did not wow the Nielsen Company. But it does have a shiny floor, and it will have a new format. (Maybe the renewal isn't such a huge surprise because the Donald Faison vehicle has been showing up in GSN promos lately.)

Divided gets another season. A casting call and good Nielsen news had already tipped that renewal. Idiotest is also getting another go-round. You just can't stop Ben and the puzzles. Hunter March from AwesomenessTV will host a new show called Emogenius, based on those annoying little emojis. Another show called Blast Your Past is in development, where celebs "poke fun at awkward childhoods." And the network took my advice from a few posts ago and picked up Hollywood Game Night. Cash Cab is already on board.

Finally, GSN says they're going to get more interactive with the home audience. They always seem to say that.


  1. I wonder if Celeb Name Game will show up on GSN soon.

  2. Pop runs Celebrity Name Game now. It seems like a natural for GSN, though I'm not sure how Craig would do with the network's grandmotherly audience. He might flop like Ben and Jimmy did.

  3. Divided gets another season? This is when you know that we're going to hell. I'll bet they are showing favoritism.

  4. With its 18-49 numbers, it would have been a surprise if Divided didn't get another season. The renewal has been known for a while, ever since the casting call for the new season came out.

    Speaking of demos, the linked story says that GSN's median viewer age is 59. It's probably more like 79 during the day.