Thursday, March 2, 2017

GSN takes a taxi

Readers of this blog know about my high regard for Cash Cab.

The long-running Discovery quizzer wasn't just a tour of NYC street scenery in the company of an amiable, wise-cracking taxi driver. It was also a challenging quizzer, with questions that Jeopardy wouldn't have been ashamed of. Now the cab ride to small riches or forlorn failure is coming to GSN March 13. The network is running promos for the acquisition, which will slot in at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Needless to say but I'll say it anyway, this is one of the best moves GSN could make, in my game opinion. I don't know if the show will pull huge numbers - these aren't original eps, after all - but it'll be great to see Ben Bailey back in the (literal) driver's seat. Three strikes and you're out.

If anybody at GSN is listening, another nice acquisition might be Hollywood Game Night. The NBC run looks to be about over, and it's a fun show to fill an hour somewhere on the schedule.


  1. Maybe if these reruns do well someone could make a new version of the show based on Uber/Lyft.

  2. Hopefully this does better than the most recent ratings for Divided. That's a big hit this week, dropping to 350k and 335k. GSN might as well keep the Harvey Feud marathon going. I'm sure it's cheaper.