Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Fred and the kids

Hollywood Reporter says that an ABC alum is coming back to the alphabet net (Variety speak).

Fred Savage of The Wonder Years will host ABC's new kid-centered quizzer Child Support. The show, produced by Ricky Gervais among others, was originally called Five to Survive. It sounds pretty much like 5th Grader, with adult contestants relying on kid helpers to make it through a money tree of ten questions.

Production begins next week for what looks like a summer debut. ABC is rebooting Fox game shows nowadays, it seems, to go along with classic rewinds like Celebrity Family Feud and 100K Pyramid. Fred Savage is an always likeable sort, a close approximation to Jeff Foxworthy. He should do just fine as the host. An ABC exec intones: "Fred Savage has had a significant cultural impact in television throughout his career and we are thrilled to have him be our host."

Significant cultural impact? Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

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