Friday, March 3, 2017

Ellen plays around

Having built The Wall, NBC has ordered a half-dozen hour-long game show eps from Ellen Degeneres.

She will host the prime time show titled Ellen's Game of Games, which will raid her daytime game segments for formats and ideas. (See the screenshot for one of the clever notions.) "We're pulling out all the stops — gigantic sets, hilarious games," Ellen says. The viewers will decide the hilarity level, though there's little doubt that Ellen likes to play those silly little games.

ABC tried Big Fan, based on a game segment from Jimmy Kimmel. The show was passable in quality, though Nielsen was unimpressed. With Ellen herself as the host, I have to think her show will generate better numbers.

NBC gives no debut date. This looks like a summer show, but you never know in the wonderful world of broadcast.


  1. I think Big Fan would have worked out if Kimmel himself hosted it. Richter was all right, but it was a Jimmy Kimmel Live segment, so it would have made sense for Jimmy to do it.

    Looks like NBC is competing with ABC in terms of game shows. Once The Wall became a hit, they didn't waste time and ordered a new one. Except this one isn't a revival. Who knows, maybe NBC could revive one of their old games one of these days.

    1. NBC already greenlighted 5 Gold Rings before this "Game of Games" idea came up, and personally, I have better hopes for that one over Ellen's idea. She's basically hosting a collection of silly party games a la Hollywood Game Night, and it sounds boring, much like Big Fan and HGN were.