Monday, March 20, 2017


A British radio site is wondering just what CBS will do with its Candy Crush game show, due this summer. In other words, how will they translate the app into a TV show?

At first the site thinks the network will stick pretty close to the app's gameplay. "Sounds like we're basically gonna be watching people play Candy Crush on massive iPads to be totally honest, but we're staying open to the idea that it could actually be genius." Frankly, the massive iPads idea doesn't sound too genius-y to me, or to whoever wrote the blurb on the site. So they entertain other notions, like a combo with another well-known project.

"The show is being created by one of the producers behind the hilarious obstacle course show Wipeout, so maybe it's gonna be a hybrid of that and some Candy Crush-based app fun?" This sounds like a definite possibility, with contestants careening around those "enormous, interactive game boards" promised by CBS. Except it's hard to imagine how they might work the big balls into Candy Crush.

We'll see soon enough. The debut is set for July 9. Get those enormous game boards ready.


  1. I'm so curious about how they will do this!

  2. The Futon Critic said Candy Crush will air Sundays 9pm. If ABC keeps its summer lineup from last year then Candy Crush will go up against Pyramid. CBS better move the show or Pyramid will crush (no pun intended) them.

    I doubt we'll see Match Game return so either ABC moves To Tell The Truth to 10pm, a new game show, or other programming. Having Match Game during the year killed it like it did Power of 10 and Million Dollar Password. Maybe Pyramid is better off as just a summer show (like Celebrity Family Feud).

    1. I think Match Game was better for summer. The ratings this past winter ptoved it. Although those were better than what half their dramas put up.

      I wonder what ABC will slot at 10 pm this summer. It could be Truth, Match Game, or maybe the upcoming Gong Show revival. At least ABC was smart and kept Feud and Pyramid as summer shows. Or maybe ABC uses the 10 pm slot for reruns. Who knows.