Sunday, March 19, 2017

Comment on comments

It's a slow weekend, so I'll get meta and self-referential in this post. I'll discuss comments on this blog.

A long-time commenter is mad at me over a warning I gave her about a comment on a post a while back. You can rummage around for the thread if you're interested. It's important to note that I didn't delete the comment. I just posted a mildly worded warning because I thought the comment pushed one of the few lines I've drawn in the "Legalities and Technicalities" at the end of this blog.

I run a loose ship on comments. There are only a few rules, and I'm pretty soft on enforcing them. In particular, you can criticize me all day long - and some commenters do exactly that - without getting anything deleted or even warned about. I will sometimes respond to criticism because I have a right to comment, too. But I rarely delete anything or even warn about anything, though I might think a comment is silly, unfair or obnoxious.

So please read the rules at the end of the blog and comment all you want. It's easy to follow the rules and still have plenty of room for complaints, comments or compliments, as the image says.

UPDATE: Oh jeez, I had to gently warn another commenter in the same thread. Didn't delete his comment, though. It's a loose ship.

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