Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Another day, another goof

Some people have been known to like naked desire. It just doesn't work so well on Wheel of Fortune.

The game show Internets are chortling - they're laughing a lot, too - over the latest contestant goof on Pat and Vanna's little word game. Some poor schmoe named Kevin (I can't find his last name right now and I really don't want to) blew the puzzle in the screenshot. As observers noted, you don't have to be Tennessee Williams to fill in the "m" for the classic play, A Streetcar Named Desire.

Instead, Kevin went with "k" for naked desire, which does make some sense. One Twitter denizen noted that A Streetcar Naked Desire is apparently the porn version of the Williams play. I wouldn't know about such things, of course.

I do enjoy Pat's sharply pronounced "no" after the hilarious goof. Except I feel a little guilty about joining in the harsh laughter. The poor contestant has just entered the game show hall of shame, and there's no exit. (Isn't that something from Sartre?)


  1. A Streetcar Naked Desire? That really does sound like a bad porno spoof of the original thing.

  2. Considering how hard it is to get on these shows, always amazed how some manage to blow it so badly....

  3. The same contestant missolved in the Crossword round with only one letter remaining, too.

  4. The 2nd puzzle miss was almost as painful, especially after the 1st one. And the naked answer instead of named. But the silver lining is that he will be on clip shows for years to come. And in this case, I believe his nervous mistakes will be something he will laught at too.

  5. I remember "The Green Mole" answer from the early 2000s. That was funny. Again, sounds like a bad spoof of The Green Mile.