Sunday, March 26, 2017

Alex Trebek, investment guru

A Canadian newspaper decided to ask Jeopardy's Alex Trebek about investments. So he talked about buying on dips in the stock market - always a good idea - and investing in a California winery - not such a good idea, at least for Alex. He lost a couple million on the winery, which somehow didn't make money in the middle of wine country.

These investments carry risk, kids, and you can lose your shirt, your pants, and your underwear. Alex also discusses philanthropy. He has the ultimate celeb perk, a charitable trust. It gives away money to Kenya (my old Peace Corps stomping ground) and other places in Africa. Too bad I didn't get any celeb moolah when I was teaching on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Alex says he doesn't want to spoil his kids by leaving them everything, which sounds like there might be unpleasant surprises in the will. If you want to know, his son operates a Mexican restaurant and his daughter is in real estate. They should just be careful about those wineries.

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