Friday, March 31, 2017

A game show connection

When ABC started its 100K Pyramid rewind last summer, the celeb list looked a bit familiar. A lot of celeb players from Celebrity Name Game showed up on the ABC remake. I speculated that the network might be using CNG - which is a Pyramid knockoff, after all - as a farm team for celeb talent on its new version of the old format.

I have no idea if my idle thought was true or not. But it really does seem that GSN has picked up some civvie contestants from Celebrity Name Game for stints on Idiotest. This story about contestant Jodi Wofford (see screenshot) says...

A producer of Celebrity Name Game remembered Wofford from her appearance on the show and called her in November to find out if she would be interested in competing on another game show the next month.

That other game show was, of course, Idiotest. Now comes news that another civvie pair, Kimia Semani and Brigitte Benchanan, have made the trek from CNG to Ben Gleib's visual puzzle fest. Sure enough, the linked story comments...

The two were invited to be contestants on Idiotest because of their past involvement on Celebrity Name Game.

Hey, you find contestants wherever you can. Though the gameplay connection between the word game and the puzzle game seems a little tenuous.

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  1. Did anyone see that on last night's 9 pm episode of Divided, Mike actually made a joke about Russian Roulette coming to GSN this fall?

    I know he only said it jokingly, but the fact he even brought up Russian Roulette specifically in the first place... purely speculative, but it does make you wonder if maybe GSN's execs are looking to him for ideas on how to bring more viewers to the network, especially after the last year or two, where all the reality programming failed and turned away a lot of hardcore game show fans. Plus, of course, he's exec producing Price and Deal, which are both traditional game shows and are both doing very well in the ratings, so... two and two... I don't know. Perhaps I'm just reading too much into these things and Mike just wanted to hit older GSN fans with a dose of nostalgia for that moment.