Saturday, February 4, 2017

Ye olde shows

On Game Show Forum right now the top two threads are about a couple of old game shows. Who would have guessed?

One thread discusses Trump Card (1990-91), but there's politics rumbling barely below the surface. The thread starts with an AV Club story whose title calls the show "sh---y", when they really want to call Trump himself "sh---y". This blog is politico-phobic, so we'll leave that one severely alone.

The other thread is about Wordplay, a short-lived word game that lasted for nine months on NBC in 1986-87. As it happens, there's a fair amount of the show available on YouTube. It was far from the worst word game ever, just a little too poky and nerdy for its own good. You can check the gameplay details on U.S. Game Shows Wiki. Basically, a couple civvies tried to figure out the definitions of odd words, like the one in the screenshot. ("Deasil" means "clockwise or in a direction following the apparent course of the sun." Now you know.)

Three celebs were on hand to provide some humor, or so the showrunners hoped. The celebs were given the definitions in advance, so they didn't look completely clueless. Tom Kennedy hosted in his usual genial style, in what turned out to be his last hosting gig. The o.p. on Game Show Forum picks a few nits with the gameplay and celebrities, but he still thinks a rewind might work. I dunno, the nerdiness quotient looks a little too high to me.

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