Tuesday, February 21, 2017


As I've noted, one of the funnier results of the recent spate of game shows on the broadcasters is the recent spate of deep-think Interweb pieces about our little genre.

Hollywood Reporter - never known for deep or any other kind of thinking - has posted a long lecture about game show hosts. We learn that a host should be a tender therapist who can mutitask with a good temperament. There are four T's in there someplace, the article says.

The (unintentionally) funniest comment in the story: Alex Trebek must be "one of the world's most empathetic men." I've heard a lot of adjectives applied to Alex, but this e-word is not usually one of them. Most of the time he gets slammed for being Grumpy Gus with contestants when they don't live up to his exacting standards.

The pictured Mike Richards offers some accurate but obvious advice. A good host "has to be able to listen and communicate. It's all about listening and reading a particular situation." He goes on to praise Drew and Wayne, as you would expect from the TPiR and LMAD showrunner.

The article wraps up by cautioning a would-be host: "You are the center of the show, but you're not supposed to seem like you're the center of the show." True enough. It's those people playing to win who should seem to get the attention.

UPDATE: Speaking of Alex Trebek, he gets a lot of net notice for his rap readings.

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