Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tale of two originals

GSN has paired its two first-run originals, Divided and Idiotest, on Thursday night.
So far the news on the shows is pretty good but a little mixed. Or maybe more than a little mixed. The two shows might meet different fates. As I say on Game Show Paradise...

Divided is sure doing better than Winsanity or Hellevator or Window Whatnot, to mention GSN's other recent originals. The total viewer numbers aren't wow level but probably okay. Idiotest has earned several renewals with similar viewer numbers. The decline in the 18-49 demo is ominous, though. It's clear that Divided is skewing older than Idiotest, and that could be the kiss of Nielsen death.

I like Divided myself, but it's a serious quizzer that mostly lacks the humor of Idiotest. Or the humor is of the grim kind, when sour contestants burn through all their money.

So I get the feeling that Divided is poised on the bubble. Idiotest, on the other hand, looks like it could get still another season. It's a good show, maybe taken too lightly by me (among others). I'm not a big fan of Ben Gleib's often sarcastic hosting style, but he's kept Idiotest going for four seasons now. A lot longer than most of GSN's other originals, anyway.

UPDATE: Idiotest stages a cute stunt with four of Ben Gleib's ex-girlfriends as contestants. GSN puts out a bit of video.

RATINGS UPDATE: Wouldn't you know, Divided bounced back for its latest eps on February 9. One episode got 413K viewers and a 0.11 18-49 rating. More numbers like that and a renewal is assured.

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  1. The numbers for Divided are decent, but if it keeps skewing on the old side, it'll get The Chase treatment and get canned because it skewed too old.

    I don't mind Gleib's smartalec hosting style on Idiotest. It is a game show mixed with comedy. I like to see him make fun of the contestants when they get a test wrong.

    At least unlike Steve on Family Feud, he doesn't turn it into the Ben Gleib Comedy Half Hour.