Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Slow dating

Imagine a very slow combo of Love Connection and Let's Ask America. You've pretty much got Game of Dating, which just debuted on TV One.

Full confession: I checked out after the first quarter-hour of the 60-minute show. They had plodded through one entire question by then, and went to commercial before the reveal on the second question. All the while I was silently imploring them to hurry up, please, it's time. (That's a highfalutin' Waste Land reference, by the way. I'm in that kind of mood tonight.)

The show featured three teams of contestants seated in the comfort of their own homes. (See the Let's Ask America angle?) They talk and talk and watch video snippets from a first date. (See the Love Connection angle?) Once in a long while host Tony Rock asks the teams a question about the daters. Such as: is the guy hustling fashion, healthcare, medical marijuana...or something else I can't remember.

Long periods of chatter and cogitation ensue and the teams finally make their choices. Then comes the big reveal, and we're back to another long stretch of dating video and random conversation from the teams.

At the top of the show they promise that somebody wins ten grand sooner or later. I'll take their word for it. Tony Rock is competent at best as the host and actually seems a little stiff and uncomfortable. Maybe he wants things to move along faster, too.

UPADTE: Game of Dating gets blah numbers, even by TV One standards. 150K viewers and a 0.03 18-49 rating. The game may be over soon.

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