Monday, February 13, 2017

Size matters

A while back a cyncial critic proclaimed The Wall to be the "most American" game show. It's so big and flashy, after all.

Turns out that bigness and flashiness are features, not bugs. In a Parade interview host Chris Hardwick reveals that the sheer size of the show got him hooked. "When I was a kid, I watched a lot of game shows. And all those shows were big and flashy so I always wanted to do a big, flashy game show."

He's certainly getting his wish with the jumbo-sized, whiz-bang version of Plinko. Chris immediately qualifies his admiration of the sheer scale of the show by plugging the "very intimate" relationship between him and the contestants. (He put it that way, not me.)

This got me thinking - dangerous, I know - about my own preferences in game shows. My all-time favorite, Match Game, was hardly that big and flashy, unless you find flash in orange shag carpet. Some other shows on my recent top fifty list were also kind of quiet and small-scale. But I listed some pretty loud and elaborate ones, too. Variety is the spice of game shows.


  1. Off topic, but I've stopped tuning into Idiotest. The show has just lost its appeal to me. It gave me a reason to watch back when The Chase was its lead-in, but now the sarcastic humor and the low cash amounts have taken their toll. Plus I'm tired of these celebrity episodes GSN keeps recording.

    I really hope Idiotest doesn't surpass Chuck's Lingo in the number of seasons. Lingo was a much better and far superior show, and much of that is credited towards Chuck's phenomenal hosting capabilities.

    I'm actually liking Divided though. Decent set, Mike's doing a great job as host, and the question structure sort of reminds me of Greed, with the multiple answers part. Good music too.

    1. I'm surprised Idiotest is going on for this long!

    2. I'll be honest. I haven't watched Idiotest that much either. Maybe I outgrown the show. Non related as well, but a rerun of The Wall had 3.8 million on NBC last night. Funny part is that it was the most watched show for them. Apprentice and Timeless lagged behind. Kind of embarrassing when a rerun of a game show outdos two original episodes. Maybe the show could have a life in reruns.