Friday, February 17, 2017

Oh jeez, it's just a game show

What is it about The Wall that inspires long, thumb-sucking pieces of deep thinkery on the web?

A while back a cogitating pundit declared the show to be the "most American" game show. I posted an entry which laughed at that exercise in faux profundity. But now The Atlantic comes along with a 2,000-word essay that praises the previous pundit and offers its own "insights" into the fun little show. A sample:

NBC's massive, money-mongering wall suggests, on the one hand, the teeming sense of omni-possibility that has accompanied a tech revolution and a century's worth of swaggering American hegemony. But The Wall also suggests, in its "these are deserving people" approach to its mind-boggling financial rewards, a certain fatigue - about politics, about voracious consumerism, about power itself.

Stuff like this gives me more than a certain fatigue - about babbling pundits, big long words, and blasts of hot air from tireless hot air purveyors on the Interwebs. The Wall is just a game show, for crying out loud. Take your "omni-possibility" and "voracious consumerism" elsewhere. There must be a lot of academic journals which would love such rubbish.

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  1. Are they thinking The Wall is a threat to game shows everywhere? They would fit in with the people of Game Show Forum who think Harvey is the devil of Family Feud.