Friday, February 10, 2017

From pageant to TPiR

If there's anything the Internet likes, it's a beauty pageant contestant on a game show.

Come to think about it, a beauty pageant is sort of similar to a game show. Except you don't have to know trivia, guess words, survive stunts, or price the next item up for bid. But it's still a competition, after all. I'm a little surprised that Game Show Newsnet - which covers just about every other kind of competition imaginable - doesn't cover pageants. Maybe beauty pageants are too politically incorrect for the site, which leans to the left.

But such considerations don't bother local web sites, which are more than happy to brighten up their pages with attractive contestants. (I plead guilty to the same offense.) So several New Jersey sites are featuring Kaitlyn Schoeffel, who won big on The Price is Right after competing in the Miss New Jersey pageant.

It's a nice story about Kaitlyn and her boyfriend deciding on a whim to stand in line for TPiR tickets, and then scoring a big payday. She doesn't claim any particular expertise in pricing merchandise. "I guess it was beginner's luck."

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