Monday, February 6, 2017

Cramming for the chase

I was roaming around the game show Interwebs for something to write about and came across this old post on Game Show Paradise.

The poster talks about a couple of "hunters" on SyFy's short-lived and unlamented reality series, Cha$e (2008). One of the hunters was Berglind "Icey" Ólafsdóttir, co-host of GSN's not completely unlamented Cram (2003). Berglind is very easy on the eyes, as you can see from her IMDb page photo.

For those who don't recall, and that's probably almost all of you, Cram was a silly stunt show combined with a useless trivia quizzer. Contestants were forced to stay awake forever - actually 24 hours, I think - and learn reams of idiotic material. Host Graham Elwood and the lovely Icey then hauled them into the studio. The players stumbled through various goofball stunts while getting quizzed about the stupid stuff they had to "cram" (get it?)

It wasn't the worst of the six Bob Boden originals that GSN tried in the 2002-03 period. That dubious honor belongs to Friend or Foe, a shaft-your-neighbor show that host Kennedy would like to forget. (Of course, the best of the six were the terrific Lingo and Russian Roulette.)

In fact, Cram had a mild if goofy charm in its first season. Too bad the producers pretty much ran the idea into the ground in the second go-round. The show has long since vanished from our little game show network. But the beauteous Berglind is still around.

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