Saturday, February 18, 2017

Civvie name game

You know that game show news is sparse when I post an entry about contestants' names.

I saw this story in Google News about the Shaffer family from Illinois, who played (and won) on Family Feud. The caption to the picture in the screenshot: The Shaffer family of Waterloo will appear in an upcoming episode of Family Feud. From left, Tammy Slager, Mary Beard, Kathy Warren, show host Steve Harvey, Nancy Quernheim and Bill Wirth pose during a show taping last year in Atlanta.

So nobody is named Shaffer but the family played under that name. Brilliant me figured that the four female contestants were sisters using their married names, and the male contestant was the husband of another sister. Turns out I was almost right. (Even a blind squirrel...) The story linked to an earlier article about the family, which said that "Shaffer" was indeed the maiden name of the ladies, but the gentleman was a cousin.

I know, this is trivial beyond belief, but I was desperate for something to write about today. There was a puff piece interview with Pyramid host Michael Strahan in People, but it was too fluffy even for a game show blog.

Some more trivia: the guy in the picture, Bill Wirth, looks vaguely like Drew Carey. Just sayin'...

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