Sunday, February 5, 2017

Chris Harrison's other life

When Millionaire finally gave up looking for the next Steve Harvey and brought in Chris Harrison to steady the ship, a crossover with Bachelor was an obvious gimmick.

The reality epic about looking for love in weird places pulled 7.3 million viewers for its latest ep. That may not sound huge, but this is the zillion channel universe. It's a helluva lot more people than Millionaire gets, anyway. If only a few of those Bachelor fans make their way to Millionaire for this week's crossover eps, the producers will be quite happy, thank you.

Chris Harrison gave a publicity interview to E! about this week's stunt. It's kind of interesting as publicity interviews go. One thing I've always wondered - E! must have wondered about it, too - is whether the questions are specially prepared for the bachelors and bachelorettes. Not really, says Chris, though sometimes they'll slip in one cute query for a specific contestant.

Chris name drops a lot of people from his other life, and laughs about how they handle the pressure on Millionaire. You can watch for yourself over the next five days.


  1. I wonder if he brings up his former hosting on (I think) GSN with a gameshow set at the Mall of America. Not to mention his time at TVG (a horse racing network). In fact, while at the latter, he went to top racing events in Dubai and Royal Ascot.

  2. Funny you should mention it. In my grumpy old age I've started watching TVG now and then. I've heard them talk about Chris Harrison a couple times. He's sort of the alum who made good.

    The GSN show was Mall Masters back in 2001. The show didn't last long, I'm afraid. It debuted right before the major shakeup in GSN's ownership and management.