Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Why not three French hens?

Sorry, I couldn't resist the obvious joke in this entry's title.

NBC has ordered a pilot for 5 Gold Rings, a Dutch import that runs contestants across "a big, interactive LED floor, where every pixel counts." Yes, but are all pixels created equal? Players get five gold rings to answer questions over five levels, and it gets tougher as the game goes on. Viewers can also connect to the game on their cell phones, if they want to get in on the gold ring experience. So far NBC is not planning a spinoff with four calling birds (sorry again).

The linked Variety story gushes that "game shows have roared back into vogue of late." True enough, but as I cautioned a while ago, the results have been uneven at best. Still, as I also said a while ago, at least the broadcasters are giving me more to write about lately. We'll see if this ring-a-ding effort ever gets to NBC air.

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