Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wanted: game show host

A thread on Game Show Forum considered offbeat choices to host a game show.

This being GSF, most of the posts talked about the distant past. Although one brave poster proposed Keith Olbermann as a possible host. The poster did concede that Olbermann's hyper-abrasive personality might not work so well over time. No kidding.

Although GSF naturally didn't consider this angle - the show is way too recent - I sometimes look at the celebs on Celebrity Name Game as possible hosts. One offbeat selection might be Eddie Kaye Thomas. Not only is he a good game player himself - okay, that's not necessary in a host though it certainly doesn't hurt (see Mark Walberg and Bill Cullen) - but he also has a dry wit and undoubted ability to improvise.

The drawback is that his wit might be a little too arid. He sort of gives me the Ben Gleib vibe, a host who could seem too aloof from the contestants. But I think he could run a game show with no problems and with some droll observations. Come to think of it, his partner on Celebrity Name Game, Lauren Ash, might not be bad at the job, either.

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