Monday, January 2, 2017

Stuff about The Price is Right

In any year January 2 is bound to be a pretty blah date. The holidays are over and the reality of a dull month is setting in.

Game shows are not exempt from this dreariness. I looked through Google News today for items on our little genre, and the cupboard was mostly bare. So I just decided to write about the first story that referenced The Price is Right.

Wouldn't you know, it was this item about Forest Lawn, the oft-satirized cemetery in LA. (As if we haven't had enough of the death book lately.) The final sentence of the story: "Bob Barker, the beloved and longtime game show host of The Price Is Right is not dead — but his grave stone is prepared at the legendary cemetery."

Which is no doubt a lively thing to contemplate. At least the next item was less deathly. The Price is Right's live show is coming to Muskogee, the town Merle Haggard immortalized in Okie from Muskogee. The live show's been everywhere, so it's nice that Merle's place will get a look.