Monday, January 30, 2017

Still standing

Once upon a time GSN ran a great show called Russian Roulette, where (among other things) losing contestants fell through the floor.

From December 19, 2011 to January 30, 2012, NBC ran an okay but not great show called Who's Still Standing, where losers also dropped through the floor. Wikipedia (usual caveats) says the show itself fell through the floor due to high production costs rather than bad ratings. I found an old TV by the Numbers post which says that one ep got 6.9 million viewers. This seems like an okay number, so maybe Wikipedia might actually be right.

Wikipedia also notes that the rules changed in goofy ways throughout the show's brief run, which is completely true. Another problem was that Ben Bailey, of deserved Cash Cab fame, was a surprisingly stiff host. Maybe they should have played the game in a cab, with losers dropping onto the street.

Who's Still Standing got one of those ridiculous inductions into the Hall of Shame from the late and mostly unlamented Game Show Garbage. The show wasn't nearly that bad, just a little disjointed and confusing. If you're wondering why I'm bothering with this long defunct NBC effort, a story just turned up in Google News about the format's much more successful international versions. It's "aired more than 4,000 episodes in 20-plus territories."

You might say that it's still standing on the world stage.


  1. I remember this show. I didn't think it was that bad. With the numbers the show had, it could have gotten another season. But I can understand the cost issue.

  2. Hard to believe the show cost all that much. Ben couldn't have been so expensive. I dunno, maybe NBC just wasn't fond of game shows back then.

    Broadcast ratings of all sorts have skidded big time, of course. But The Wall got twenty more eps with what seem like pretty similar numbers to Who's Still Standing.

    1. That might explain why the revival of Fear Factor which aired after WSS on Mondays was short lived. Although the ratings weren't horrible. Maybe like Standing, it got costly.

    2. Numbers may be similar but those ratings are a lot more acceptable now than they were 5 years ago.

    3. Sure, broadcast ratings continue to erode. But 6.9 million was still a pretty good number back on December 26, 2011. Third biggest audience of the night on broadcast, in fact.

  3. I enjoyed the show. It was entertaining and good pace.