Thursday, January 26, 2017

Smart enough?

This story in a Gannett newspaper - you can tell it's from Gannett because they all have the same online format - describes how the Blevins family from Knoxville ended up on Family Feud.

Normally I would make this a faux tweet at most. It's only a run of the mill contestant story, though it does offer some interesting detail about the two rounds of auditions the Blevins endured to get to the show. But one quote in the story caught my eye. Tim Blevins (second from the right in the picture) told his wife (far right): "I'm not watching Jeopardy with you. I'm not smart enough to watch Jeopardy. We got started watching Family Feud, and we just loved the show."

I can see the anti-Harvey folks at Game Show Forum and other sites smiling over the idea that Family Feud, especially its current incarnation, is dumb enough for everybody. Well, it's true that Feud will never win a Peabody for promoting knowledge among the great American unwashed. But sometimes you have to be pretty clever to come up with the final choice on that board.

Jeopardy has long had the egghead reputation which garnered the Peabody but which also puts off more than a few viewers. Sony doesn't mind, though, as they count the money.


  1. Well at least Family Feud honors its original host, as Steve Harvey still calls "Sir Veisaid" during fast money. Richard Dawson's real name was Richard Veisaid and he was knighted for his work in TV.

    1. No sir, it was Richard Veisaid.

    2. It was Colin Emm.
      Nice to see the same nitwits with the intellect of a 7 year old hanging out on these boards.

    3. SHUT IT! Dawson was born Colin Emm, but he legally had his name changed to Richard Veisaid as a kid, by way of the family legally changing their last names. They thought Colin Veisaid sounded weird, so they went with Richard Veisaid. He came to America and used Richard Dawson as a stage name. He was knighted for his work on Match Game, hence on Feud, during Fast Money, he would yell our his name, "SIR VEISAID!" Combs, Anderson, Karn, O'Hurley, Harvey, and hosts of foreign versions would honor Richard by saying "Our Sir, Veisaid!"

    4. I think newlobstr was dropped multiple times as a kid. Dumb as a door knob.