Wednesday, January 4, 2017

No politics, just kissing

This blog is mostly non-political. Well, a certain well-known Internet slammer once slammed me for making a joke about NPR's taxpayer money.

Still, I try to avoid politics as much as possible. But this video is too good to pass up. The Vice Presidency of the United States isn't the most onerous job in the free world. But one of the Veep's duties is apparently swearing in members of each new Congress.

Normally this would be a pretty dull affair. But Joe Biden - who's known for these tendencies already - decided to spice things up by channeling the kissing bandit himself, Richard Dawson. As C-SPAN's cameras rolled, he started smooching every lady in sight. For the most part they took it in stride, though one young girl looked kind of grossed out.

Anyway, an Internet prankster named Tim Young spliced some of Joe's osculation into old clips of Richard doling out kisses on Family Feud. It's a hilarious video, complete with a memorable parting line from Joe and breathless product plugs by Gene Wood. And it wraps up in just one minute and seven seconds.


  1. Casey, I would love to hear your thoughts on this newly-surfaced pilot for the 2006 revival of "Chain Reaction".

  2. Watched some of it. Seemed okay to me, but I still think the Catherwood show was the best yet for the format.

  3. I'm glad people remember Sir Richard Veisaid (Sir Veisaid)!

    1. You were right to agree and you get the square!