Monday, January 30, 2017

More oldies chat

A few days ago I typed a defense of GSN, sort of.

In the post I noted that the game show Interwebs often conspire to prove my point about their traditionalist bent. It's not hard to find material to back up this claim. On the oldies board to end all oldies boards, Game Show Forum, they're discussing the shakeup in the Buzzr schedule starting February 6. (I noted the schedule change in an update to the defense of GSN post.) I'll quote one of the GSF comments and interject my own blather...

Having been in the hospital for much of the last week (leg injury, recovering nicely)...

I can identify with this, given my own recent detour through the hospital.

...I can definitely say I prefer Buzzr to GSN at this point.

What a surprise.

The latter pretty much is down to Harvey Feud and a bunch of originals that don't interest me.

Ridiculously easy to disprove, of course, but nobody on GSF cares. Today GSN is running seven shows that aren't Harvey Feud or originals: Match Game, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, 25K Pyramid, Wheel of Fortune, O'Hurley Feud, and Deal or No Deal. Six hours of programming in all. But Game Show Forum is rarely bothered by the facts. The real problem is that GSN runs stuff with less than decades of dust on it, which is of little or no interest to GSF.

I can imagine if Buzzr doesn't have a huge number of episodes available it could get pretty tiring to the hardcore audience (read: us), but we're not really who they're trying to reach.

Huh? The GSF folks are exactly who they're trying to reach. The diginet wants nostalgia buffs who pine for the good old days.

Has anyone determined whether the Tattletales episodes are from the 1980s run? Otherwise, it looks like they're trying to push the '80s nostalgia buttons with the rest of the picks.

Don't know about Tattletales, but Buzzr is definitely pushing every nostalgia button they can find. It's an oldies subchannel, after all.


  1. So some people prefer older shows. Big deal. Don't you ever get tired of coming up with silly excuses for people not liking what you like? Quit being such a pompous ass.

    1. I saw the Buzzr schedule. Combs now has a spot on the schedule from 5 to 6 pm starting next Monday. Hey, at least another Feuder has time on the schedule.

      The complaints about GSN's schedule is rather ridiculous. Harvey has a ton of spots because it is ratings gold for them. Wheel must be doing fine if it has 4 spots on the schedule.

      Back in the old days of Game Show Network, people complained about the incessive amount of Dawson on the schedule. Why was he on a lot? It was popular. It's like Harvey right now, he's a hit with viewers.

      Sure the ratings will drop at some point, but as long as a certain show keeps bringing the ratings, nothing will change.

      Non related, but TTTT on ABC last night did okay from 8 to 10 pm. The 8 pm episode had 4.6 million and the 9 pm episode had 4 mil. It could get another season, but who knows.

  2. I've seen a few numbers for Wheel on GSN and it really wasn't doing well. Maybe it's improved, I dunno.

    And I'd rather be a pompous ass than be Hutato.

    Needless to say but I'll say it anyway for the gazillionth time, I love a lot of the old shows myself. I just don't like the disdainful attitude that GSF and many others have toward anything new. The Chase, Chain Reaction and Baggage - three originals currently on GSN that the Game Show Forum poster airily dismisses - are a whole lot more entertaining than most of the old shows.

  3. I defend the older shows often, just because they were much more genuine. If someone screwed up it was left in 90% of the time. New shows nowadays have to be finely crafted, and if not, they'll reshoot until it is. I'm one who's shocked at the amount of Feud(but yes, it is a ratings monster). It's like almost all other cable networks that find that one show. I love Impractical Jokers on TRU, but 50-60 eps a week is a bit much. Harvey Feud is worse since I can watch 17 eps a week on local TV. Some markets 22. And finally, I've seen some ratings and WoF isn't performing very well. I'm guessing it's because of network competition and GSN is happy with what it is bringing in.

  4. I really don't understand this "reshooting" argument in favor of old shows. I've seen many contestant stories from current shows like The Price Is Right, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and players often comment about how smoothly everything runs (and how fast the time seems to pass). Reshooting is the rare exception, not the rule.

    Anyway, what's the big deal about reshooting in any era? Ever since video tape came in big in the 1960s, game shows have done it to some extent. As long as nobody tries anything that would get S&P upset, who cares about a reshooting now and then?

  5. I don't mind reshooting if there's a major screw-up, but not to edit part of the show that just didn't meet what they wanted. Audience/contestant reactions on Deal, replacing rounds on the new Match Game, etc.(actually the prime time network games are the biggest offenders). They might as well write the show and have a planned ending. I lean toward the older shows because they were more real. Everyone has their preference and I don't call out someone because they like The Wall better than Password, and you shouldn't either.

  6. Again, the reshooting argument just gets nowhere with me. There have been reshoots as long as there have been video tape machines. If there's no tampering with the game - which of course the S&P people are looking at very closely - I don't care at all...either about current shows or shows from the 1970s.

    I'm not calling out people for preferring Password to The Wall. I am calling out Game Show Forum and other sites for stubborn unwillingness to even consider that many modern-day game shows may be as good or better than many shows of the past.

    When this GSF poster trashes such fine shows as The Chase and Catherwood Chain Reaction as "originals that don't interest me," little more than blind prejudice against recent game shows is at work. Which, sadly, is all too typical of Game Show Forum and other neighborhoods on the game show Interwebs.

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    1. Yeah, noticed that. Funny thing, it doesn't change my argument in the post.