Friday, January 27, 2017

In defense of GSN, sort of

Sometimes the game show Interwebs seem to be conspiring to prove my point about how traditionalist they are. A recent example was this exchange on Game Show Paradise...

Administrator: Does GSN still air game shows? I never noticed. (Sarcasm)

Other poster: By traditional definition of game shows, yes. Though not very many...So yeah, while GSN doesn't have as many game shows to offer like they did ten years ago, they do devote the majority of the weekly schedule to game shows, even if it's overkill of Family Feud.

That's true, if by "majority" you mean 100%. That's how much of GSN's programming schedule is now occupied by game shows. (To give the posters some credit, Window Whatever was running when this thread happened, but it quickly vanished.)

As for the "not very many" comment, today GSN is running twelve different game shows, or fifteen if you count different versions of Press Your Luck/Whammy, Family Feud and Chain Reaction as separate shows. And while there is a lot of Feud on today, other shows take 60% of the programming hours.

Compare that schedule to Buzzr, which is running ten different shows today - less than GSN, obviously - with a whopping 12 hours of Match Game and Family Feud. In fact, the MG-Feud "overkill" has become so blatant that TV News Check even asked a Fremantle exec about it. Of course, these are the two shows that get the most responses to the ads on Buzzr. Just like Harvey Feud is the show that gets the best ratings for GSN. Sorry to state the obvious, but any cable network runs its most successful shows a lot.

Don't worry, though, the two posters I quoted aren't about to complain about the Buzzr schedule. (They might complain about episodes getting repeated, but not about the shows in the lineup.) That's because they're older-is-better guys, and the shows on Buzzr are really old.

SLIGHTLY RELATED UPDATE: Divided cooled off a little in its second week. The quizzer still got okay ratings and good demos by GSN standards. 435K viewers and a 0.09 18-49 rating at 9:00 PM and 369K/0.08 at 9:30 PM.

MORE CLOSELY RELATED UPDATE: Maybe Buzzr is getting tired of those complaints about not enough variety on its weekday schedule. The oldies diginet is revamping prime time starting February 6. Password Plus, Let's Make a Deal, Sale of the Century, Tattletales, Card Sharks, Press Your Luck. Then rinse and repeat at 11:00 PM.

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