Friday, January 6, 2017

If The Wall crumbles...

Chris Hardwick is auditioning to become the second Ryan Seacrest. Get as many gigs as you can.

He already does @Midnight, the Walking Dead after-show and The Wall. Now he's trying out (among 77 zillion others) as Kelly Ripa's co-host. Who knows if he'll land that job? But at least The Wall is getting cheerful numbers in its early runs.

Hardwick has no rough edges, so it's not surprising that he can fit into any format that requires talking without a script. He kept Singled Out going for a good long time on MTV, and he's a natural at the ad-libbing required for a game show host.

My guess is that he'll end up with a late night talk show one of these days. But I could see game show producers tossing another offer or three his way.


  1. Chris is everywhere now. I've seen him do Xfinity commericals. He might be the white Steve Harvey now with multiple shows. @midnight is a hilarious show, but it is not a game show. But my DirecTv guide lists it as a game show for some reason.

  2. Who the hell wants to be her co host anyhow? Let the spoiled brat have her show!