Saturday, January 21, 2017

Idiots and divisions

A few days ago I said I would update the blog with the numbers on GSN's new Divided.

Even allowing for a peak viewing month and a Harvey Feud lead-in, Divided did just fine in its debut. The 9:00 PM ep got 424K viewers and a 0.09 18-49 rating. The 9:30PM ep got 451K and 0.10. The build in the second ep and the nice demos (for GSN) bode well for the new show.

The new eps of Idiotest posted pretty much the same figures. 411K viewers and a 0.11 18-49 rating at 10:00 PM, and 421K and 0.11 at 10:30 PM. The puzzle fest has hung around for a good long time with such ratings. If Divided can stay in the same Nielsen zone, the quizzer may have a nice future on GSN.

To state the obvious, GSN can use game shows that get okay demos and 400K+ viewers. The network needs to lean a lot less on Harvey Feud. At least the early returns for both Divided and the new season of Idiotest are a lot more upbeat than the awful flop Window Whatnot or the disastrous return of Hellevator.


  1. GSN needs more traditional game show originals and less reality garbage--Window Warriors showed that GSN should really cut back on reality shows outside of Skin Wars.

  2. In fact, right now GSN's schedule is all traditional game shows. There's not a single reality show (or any other non-game show) anywhere in the lineup.

    The real problem is that the network relies too much on Harvey Feud for its ratings. They need some other shows to get good numbers in prime time.

  3. Agreed. GSN needs to cut back on Harvey and have other shows on the lineup. People are more less getting tired of seeing the same episode over and over again. But then again, it's doing well for them, so I don't think GSN wants to touch Harvey Feud at least for right now.

  4. GSN can't touch Harvey Feud right now. The network depends on the show so much for their ratings...just as they previously depended on Deal or No Deal and, before that, Millionaire.

    But sooner or later you've got to develop (or acquire) some other shows that can pull their own weight with the Nielsen Company. The early returns on Divided are encouraging, but we'll see what happens over the next several weeks.

    GSN just hasn't had much luck with originals lately. Winsanity, the second season of Hellevator, Window's been a very dry patch.

  5. I would suggest WoF in primetime, but i guess Sony doesn't want that to happen. I would acquire Hollywood Game Night and the sadly canceled Celebrity Name Game. It would be fresh and could put up good numbers.

  6. If Divided doesn't have a bunch of "zero" dollar wins, it should work out. That second episode sucked, but was funny as hell. They couldn't stop arguing long enough to win anything!

  7. I don't follow your page daily, I'm hit and miss. You do a good job of finding odd game show nuggets from around the country. Have you posted anything about a play in St. Paul based upon the life of Michael Larson. The fact it exists in 2017 is borderline mind boggling. I wrote an overly exhaustive review of Larson and the play if you're stuck waiting for an oil change.

    1. I posted a faux tweet about the play a while back. It has now scrolled off the blog, though. Gotta follow the blog more closely!